A small description of who we are

Siropoulou family business opened in 1981 when the first resort was built and never looked back. Kostas and Zoi Siropoulou pioneered the “studios &apartments” concept for couples and families that wish to visit to Sarti —blending comfort, taste, full equipment rooms, quality and value under one roof. Named “HOUSE ZOGIA studios”, it served as the corner stone for building “HOUSE KOSTAS studios and apartments ” and “HOTEL AGNI On The Beach” the other two parts of “Siropoulou on the beach complex”.
« “PIONEERS of Sarti’s tourism,”
Kostas and Zoi understood the importance of creating resorts comfortable, fully equipped with high quality standards, ensuring that Guests on their arrival will find all they need for a relaxing and comfortable holiday. By intertwining natural settings in a small village just some steps from the beach and first-rate amenities, they achieved an undeniably successful combination. Today, Siropoulou on the beach complex proudly owns and operates “HOUSE ZOGIA studios”, “HOUSE KOSTAS studios and apartments ” and “HOTEL AGNI On The Beach”, three resorts in three different places on Sarti beach. Three different accommodation types, thus meeting the needs of each Guest . Embracing a casual yet chic style infused with unique Sarti beach and crystal clear sea water , each one offers a genuine, intimate and truly memorable experience. Still very much a family business, Siropoulou complex is led by Kostas’s and Zoi’s son George, and their daughter Agni helped by the members of their families and of course still having on their side as leaders their parents who along with a dedicated team of staff, remain committed to pioneers vision and dedicated to making sure that each visit is a perfect one.
At Siropoulou Complex, the key to our success is our smile and our people!
We believe in going further than merely meeting your expectations. We strive to exceed them by adding a special personal touch to every facet of your holiday experience. Every member of our staff shares in this passion for service and commitment to ensure that your stay is perfect from start to finish. By offering high quality services and special amenities, we create a carefree and enchanting environment that encourages you to forget about everything and focus on enjoying your holiday. Without stress, our philosophy translates into relaxation and comfort from the moment you arrive. Some call it quality time. Others call it intimacy. We always do our best with a smile and a warm welcome!